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Mathura -Vrindavan (Braj bhoomi ) is a holy land ( Tirthsthan ) revered by Hindus and Krishna (also known as krsna) followers all over the world as birthplace of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna spent his childhood performing various antics and miracles here. Everything related to Mathura belongs to Lord Krishna & her lover Srimati Radha Rani. Lord Krishna & Radha is embedded in every part of Mathura (let it be temples, festivals, Culture & Local Language and even food).


Here in Braj Mandal, Lord Krishna is not only worshipped as God but also considered as one of our own by the folk people of Mathura. People here consider Krishna as his child, his shakha ( friend ) , his lover and his king. He is worshipped here in many forms


Tour Plans

Varitey of Tour Plans to choose from as per your requirement

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Places to Visit

Visit various sacred places belonging to Lord Krishna such as Janmabhumi, Iskcon Temple, Goverdhan Hill.

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Celebrate Great Hindu festivals with us like Shri Krishna Janamastami, Wonderful Holi , Goverdhan Puja etc.

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Experience Local cuisine like kachori - sabji, samosa, Badam Milk, Thandai , Lassi with local flavor.

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Folk Culture

Explore the folk culture of mathura. Enjoy the Famous Rasleela, Raamleela, Sanjee, Local Dance, Charkula etc

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Religious Rituals

Perform a prayer, Hawan, Jaap for the betterment of you and your loved ones. Make your wish here in the temples

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Spritual Assitance

Seek assistance from various saints / religious gurus. Learn more about religion & sprituality.

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Temple Timings

Temple Opening timings of various temples located in Mathura, Vrindavan, Gokul, Goverdhan & Barsana.

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