21 Kms. to the north of Goverdhan is Barsana the birth place of Radha a favourite devotee of Lord Krishna. It is a famous place for pilgrimage . Barsana originally known as Brahmasaran lies on a slope of ridge. The four prominent peaks of the hill are regarded as amblematic of the four-faced divinity and are crowned by a group temple is honor of Lali Ji a local title of Radha meaning 'the beloved'. Main places of attraction in barsana are



Shriji Temple


This deity of Shriji, also known as Ladli Lal (The beloved one), was originally established by Vajranabh, some 5000 years ago.








Maan Mandir


the place where Shrimati Radharani would go into seclusion in Her transcendental loving anger towards Krishna. At Maan Mandir Krishna pleads, weeps and cries like a beggar to gain the favor of His beloved Shrimati Radharani. Within the temple, there is a small tunnel leading to a dark chamber which is said to be the place where Radharani would go and sit.








Morr Kutir


Morr Kutir is the place where Krishna and Radharani danced in the form of peacock and peahen..










Sankari Khor 


it is a very narrow passageway at the junction of the Brahma hill and Vishnu hill. Krishna and His cowherd boys dressed up as tax collectors would block the way of Radharani and Her Sakhis with their sticks here and would ask for yogurt, butter and ghee as tax for passing through Sankari Khor.