Best time to Visit Mathura


On the basis of Weather Conditon / Climate


Much like the rest of North India. Temperature can be extreme in Mathura during summer & winters. Therefore it is always advisable to check the weather condition before travelling to make the necessary arrangements.


During summer, the temperatures shoots upto 48 degree Celsius and sometimes even more with unbearable humidity. Nights are comparatively cooler as the temperature hovers around 28-30 degree Celsius. The holy town receives moderate rainfall. Winters are pleasant though a bit chilly. This period is the ideal time to roam around the sacred town. The minimum temperature at times goes below 2-3 degree Celsius but mostly remains around 7-8 degree Celsius




On the basis of Fairs / Festivals


If you want to experience the real culture and festivals of Mathura. It is advisable to visit Mathura on some certain festival times. These festivals include...


  • Janmastami (Birthday of Lord Krishna)
  • Radhaastami (Appearance day of Radha Rani )
  • Holi
  • Goverdhan Puja
  • Guru Purnima


Please remember during above festivals many devotees visit Mathura, therefore Mathura becomes very crowded. It is advisable to book railway tickets, Hotel accommodation well in advance to avoid inconvenience.



For Senior Citizens / Disabled People


For senior citizens / disabled people, best time to visit will be during the time when crowd remains minimum and temperature is moderate to avoid any unnecessary inconvenience. During such time it becomes easy for them to visit temples and holy places and perform religious rituals.