Taste of Mathura


Mathura is not only famous for its temples,but also for its delicacious. Some of famous delicacies of Mathura are described below . Please note that the following items are chosen as speciality on the basis of their popularity among folk people of Mathura, which serves the purpose of snacks / fast food for local population. for regular food and regular eating place please click here.




Mathura is famous for its sweets. Most of its sweets are based milk / milk products. There is a famous sweet shop " Brijwasi Mithai Wala" which provides best quality sweets in Mathura.Main Sweet Items of Mathura are

  • Peda
  • Ghewar ( Available only on occasion of Rakshabhandan )
  • Faini ( Available only on occasion of Rakshabhandan )
  • Khurchan
  • Rasmalai
  • Sohan Papdi
  • Malpua


Famous Sweet Shops in Mathura :

  • Brijwasi Mithai Wala
  • Gosai Pede Wala : Oldest Sweet Shop of Mathura ( Since 1832 )


Chana Chidwa


You won't get the such taste of chana chiwda anywhere else in India, It is roasted with the help of sand,it's not fried ( like other places), 64 different types of spices are used to prepare this. This receipe was first prepared by late bali chobe chana chiwdawale.


Famous Shop for Chana Chidwa : Sri Nath ji Bhandar , Near Prayag Ghat , Mathura


Mung Dal Pakode, Samosa Chatni


Taste of Mung ki Dal ke pakode with Pudina Chatni is something you will relish for your life.


Famous Shops for Mung Dal Pakode, & Samosa Chatni is Suresh Chand Pakode Wale, Holi gate, Mathura. For Onion Samose famous shop is known is chache ki canteen located at Dampier Nagar, Mathura


Kachori - Sabji / Jalebi


Kachori - Sabji, Jalebi remains the most favourite breakfast snacks of Mathura. Kachori is a deep fried puri served along with very spicy gravy.


Oma Pahalwan Kachri wala, Chatta Bazar, Mathura is very famous shop for Dal Kachori , pure desi ghee crisp Jalebi in Mathura.


Stuffed Paranthe and Dal Vati


Mahesh ki Dukan located at chowk bazar is famous for unique tikone ( triangle ) stuffed Paranthe with Spicy Aloo Sabji ( Potato Gravy ).


Same shop is also famous for deep fried Dal Vati , taste of which you won't find elsewhere.


Aloo Tikki / Chat, Pani Puri



Another popular street snack food of the Mathura region is Pani Puri. It is easily available in almost every corner in Mathura, second that hardly anything goes wrong with its taste and third and most important that you don’t really need any appetite for it. 


Malai Lassi ( Sweetend Curd Milk with cream )


Lassi is a sweetend curd milk is refreshinly coldand fulfilling drink. It is usually served in Kulhad ( Earthern pot ) in Mathura. It is usally sold in summer climate.

In Mathura famous place for Malai Lassi is Shankar Mithai Wala at Holi Gate, Mathura.


Bhang Lassi / Thandai


Although it may be included in " Top 10 Ridiculously Strong Drinks " by Times. Bhang ( degraded form of cannabis, commonly known as hash, sale of which is legal in Mathura ) when mixed into thandai / Lassii (a delicious concoction of milk, sugar, spices and almonds) offers a unique taste and relaxing mind.


Word of Advice : People who are not used to such kind of drinks should take the Bhang Lassi / Thandai in small quantity to avoid post side effect ( kind of like hangover ). Those who do not want to drink it should rather opt for Lassi / Thandai without Bhang.



Paan ( Beetle Leaf )


Paan ( Beetle Leaf ) acquires a special place in Mathura delicacies. It is not used in Krishna prayer. But also consumed locally in a big way. It is generally consumed after meal.It has a unique aroma and taste.There are various kinds of Paan prepared in Mathura. Few of them are

  • Banarasi Paan
  • Meetha Paan
  • Kattha Paan
  • Kesariya Paan
  • Golden Paan