Gokul is located 15 km south-east of Mathura. Hindus believe that Lord Krishna spent his childhood in Gokula.Gokul is the quaint town of cowherds where Lord Krishna was brought up by his foster mother Yasodha. It is a fascinating trip where you can see the places where Lord Krishna performed his miracles and also have a look at some of the relics from those times. Two must visits at Gokul are Gokulnath Temple and Ramanreti where pilgrims roll on the sand seeking blessings. Gokul is the place to be during Festivals like Janmashtmi, Trinvat Mela and Annakut when grand festivities are organized in this town. Main places of attraction here are...



Shri Thakurani Ghat


Thakurani Ghat is a popular Ghat in Gokul where Shri Vallabhacharya received Darshan of Shri Yamuna Maharani. The followers of Lord Vishnu especially those from the Vallabha Sampraday hold this place in very high regard even today.







Nanda Bhavan


The divine Architect Vishwakarma had built Nanda Bhavan 5000 years ago. Located on a hill, it was the house of Nanda, foster father of Lord Krishna. It was in this house that a young Krishna and his brother Balarama were brought up while his birth parents were imprisoned by King Kamsa in Vrindavan






Raman Reti


Raman Reti is the sand in which Lord Krishna played as a child. In more recent times, about 200 years ago, the famous Saint, Swami Gyandasji did a severe penance at Raman Reti for 12 years. Pleased with his devotion, The Lord appeared before him and today you can find a Ramanbihariji Mandir at that spot. Today devotees roll over the sand here and seek the blessings of Lord Krishna.

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Vitthalnath Temple 


Gokul was a key center for the Bhakti Movement of the 16th century. Vallabhacharya one of the pioneers of Bhakti movement had a vision of Lord Krishna. Krishna gave him the Brahma Sambandha, a mantra of self-dedication to Krishna. He visited Gokul with an intention to restore people to the right path of devotion. He fell in love with the beauty of Gokul and often used to sit beside the River Yamuna and read the holy epic Shrimad Bhagavatam.



Brahmaand Ghat 


This was the place where lord krishna had eaten braj raja ( dust of mathura or mud of Mathura ). The gawalla’s went and reported the matter to Yashoda mai who went to scold him for eating mud which is not good for children. She inquired about it from Balrama ( elder brother of krishna ) and confirmed,when Yashoda started scolding him for eating mud but krishna denied that he never ate it.At first gopal denied that he ate it so Yashoda mai asked him to open his mouth to confirm it, she got the shock of her life to see the whole universe in Kanha’s mouth. There is a beautiful temple of Brhamaand Bihari on this ghat. It is great fun and blissful to have a bath at this ghat.



Gokulnath Temple