In older times everybody use to perform yajnas.The villagers of braj use to perform special prayers and yajnas in the honor of lord Indra, the god of rain. Lord Krishna felt that these prayers were boosting the pride of lord Indra because of which Indra believed that he ruled the trinity. Lord Krishna is too kind he believes vanity is every creature’s worst enemy and cause of its destruction. To save Indra lord Krishna asked the villagers, and Nandbaba his father and mother Yoshada to offer these prayers to Mount Goverdhan rather than lord Indra. He told everyone that lord Indra was just a chief god, whereas the Mount Goverdhan had various assets to heal and protect which would benefit the villagers. Thus we all should pay our gratitude to the holy mount by offering prayers. They agreed to lord Krishna and did accordingly. Special yajnas were performed and Chhappan bhog was offered to lord Goverdhan. ' Lord Goverdhan' is Lord Krishna’s replica and the chappan bhog offered by villagers became famous as ‘Annakoot’; lord Krishna himself accepted all the bhog by his several hands by appearing before them in the form of lord Goverdhan.



Goverdhan Parikrama


Govardhan famous for Holy Goverdhan Hill.There are many temple in this town Haridev Mandir, Daan-Ghati Mandir and Mukharbind. The temple god is another form of Lord Krishna. The town is also famous for its 21 kilometre long Parikrama of the a very old hill called Govardhan. The parikrama procession is held in very high religious belief..


Daan-Ghati Mandir


Daan-Ghati is one of the two main temple structures in Goverdhan, near Mathura, India. The other temple structure is called Dasvisa. Daan Ghati is a temple where the deity is actually in the form of a rock. The deity is said to be going down in earth by a few millimeters every year. Local people who have been witnessing this confirm this fact.






Radha Kunda


Shri Radha Kund, which is said to be the holiest of holy spots and the special scene of Radha and Krishna’s divine pastimes. Thousands of people come to Radha Kund to bathe in the two holy kunds (Radha Kund and Shyamkund) and to light lamps which are placed all around them both






Manasi Ganga Kunda 


At the middle of the Govardhan village, the Manasi Ganga is situated. After Lord Krishna killed Vatsasura, His friends told Him to bathe in the waters of Ganga for purification. Unwilling to travel a long distance, Krishna brought Manasi Ganga here and took bath in i







Kusum Sarovar 


Kusuma Sarovara, a beautiful sandstone monument, is a 25-minute walk from Radha Kunda. Kusuma means “flower,” and here the gopis would pick flowers for Krishna. Kusuma Sarovara is the best swimming spot in Braja. After you go to Radha Kunda you could spend a relaxing hour here. It is a peaceful place, which many people visit. During Lord Caitanya’s time this place was known as Sumanah Sarovara. It is stated in the Caitanya Caritamrita that Lord Caitanya took bath here. The ghatas at this kunda and the buildings above the kunda were built by Jawahir Singh, the king of Bharatpur around 1764, in honor of his father Raja Suraj Mall. Suraj Mall attacked the Mughal King of Delhi and was killed in the battle. His son Jawahir Singh then attacked Delhi and killed the Mughal king. On the upper level are three tombs. The main tomb of Raja Suraj Mall has beautiful paintings on its ceiling depicting the pastimes of Krishna and the lotus feet of Krishna engraved on the floor. There are also some paintings of Raja Suraj Mall in his court. The other tombs are those of his two queens, Kishori and Hansiya. There are beautiful paintings on the ceiling of these two tombs.



Haridev Mandir 


Haridev Mandir is located on the southern bank of Mansi Ganga. The temple is made of red rock. Haridev is one of the four presiding Deities in Vraj. It is a famous temple in Govardhan village . Later, the Deity was moved elsewhere fearing the conquest of the Yavanas. People take darshan of Haridev during the Govardhan parikrama. The Deity is said to have been installed by Vajranabha