Kokilavan Dham


Located just 50km from Mathura near Kosi. Kokialvan ( also known as Shani Dham, Kokilaban ). A famous temple Shani Dev ( Saturn ) is visited by lakhs of devotees of Shani Dev every saturday & on the occasion of Shani Amavasya. Where devotees perform shani puja , temple parikrama of approximate 3 km and do charity to get the blessings of Shani Dev.



Legends of Kokilvan


As per the folk mythology, when shri Krishna was born, All the Devs & Devis ( Deities ) came to have a darshan of child krishna at Nand Baba's House. But Mother Yashoda didnt allow Shanti Dev to visit Krishna ( Since Shani Dev's is believed to be god of bad luck ). Shani Dev was very sad due to this restriction because he was assigned & instructed with such power on the order of God only. So he started doing penance in the forest near Mathura to know the reason for such cruelty bestowed on him by Krishna. Lord Kishna then came to him in the form Koyal ( A Singing Bird ) and told him that he can always talk to him in the form of Koyal Bird. Since then the name of the forest was known as kokilavan ( Forest where Koyal Birds reside ).







About Kokilavan


Spread in area of around 20 acres, Kokilavan has a Shani Temple, Sri Dev Bihari Temple, Two old Sarovars ( Small pond ) and one big Gaushala ( Cow Shelter Home ). Devotees visiting the temple perform parikram of temple on foot which is approx. 3 kms and Perform Shani Puja by offering Oil, Chating Shani Mantra , by doing charity to stay from the badluck of Shani.