Jama Masjid (Near Lord Krishna birthplace ), Mathura


Jama Masjid, Mathura was constructed by Nabir -Khan in 1661 A.D. He was the governor of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. Jama Masjid in Mathura gives a spellbound look with its intricately decorated four minarets. It is amazing to see that the mosaic plastering of these lofty structures still hold its vibrancy and charm. The structural design and architectural excellence of the holy shrine is incomparable. Situated adjacent to the Janmabhoomi temple complex, the impressive formation of the Jama Masjid creates a deep-seated intuition on the mind. This Masjid witnesses large turn out of devotees on all days and at the same time it happens to be a popular tourist attraction in Mathura now a days. This mosque is a popular place of worship of the Muslims of the region. It is visited by thousands of devotees to offer prayer from all across India. The mosque is adorned with four soaring minarets. These minarets are decorated with vibrantly colored plaster mosaic. Some of these panels exist even today.