Offerings / Donation Assistance in Mathura


Making Offerings / Donations is considered an essential part of Hindu Customs & Rituals . It may be made in various forms





  • By providing financial help to the required person / people / temple ,
  • By providing food to needy people / priests, by providing physical services ( also called seva ) to any religious activity
  • by providing social service which helps in upliftment of society.
  • by sponsoring the education / living expenses for child being raised in an orphange,
  • by distirbuting food and medicine to poor.
  • by sponsoring medical treatment of someone who is unable to bear his expenses.
  • by donating blood.
  • by sponsoring feeding to a cow in Gaushala ,
  • by donating cow to a Brahmin
  • various other forms.


There are various places in Mathura where above mentioned offerings / Donations can be made. There are some religious / Social organisations in Mathura where making donation will also get you tax befit as per income tax law.


Please contact us , if you require assistance regarding making offerings / donations