Spritual / Religious / Astrological Assistance in Mathura


Mathura being a holy place is also home to many learned people ( they include Spritual People ( Guru , Saints, Dharmacharyas ), Religious Gurus ( Priests, Gita / Ramayan Preachers, Katha Speakers ) and Astrological Experts ( Jyotishacharya, Palmist, Vastu Experts, Kundli Makers , Match Makers etc ). If you want to meet such personalities during your visit to Mathura. It can be arranged.



Spritual Gurus


Spritual Guru teaches about not only sprituality but also about your purpose in life. He helps you in learning more about yourself by way of praying / meditation / yoga.







Religious Gurus


Saints who knows about vedas, Regligious books. They teach Sacred books , perform yagya, havans, prayers according to proper rituals. They spend their most of the time in praising the lord almighty. No hindu fuction / festival gets completed without their blessings.





Experts in astrological Science, They play prominant role in a hindu family . On the basis of planetry positions accorrding to indian moon / sun calendar they help in making kundli ( Horoscope ), Future prediction about health, Match- making for Marriage purpose, Finding dosh ( faults ) and their remedies, Suggestion for gem wearing or specific puja for dosh nivaran , Deciding Auspicious timing to do some particular work or function