Things to Keep in Mind for visiting Mathura


Greetings :


Mathura has a unique to way to greet people. Instead of saying Good Morning, Good Evening. Locals greet here each other with the words like " Radhe Radhe", " Jai Shri Krishna", Radhe Shyam". Since You are in the lands of lord krishna. It is considered more appropriate and holy to greet each other with above said words.



Going into Temples :


  • Please remove your shoes and wash your hands adequately before entering into any temple or sacred premise.
  • Whenever you come across any sacred Idol / Murti / Image of God or Goddess in Temple, fold your hands before God and bow respectfully.
  • Please remember some of the temples in Mathura & Vrindavan do not even allow carrying any Leather item on person, so please leave your leather belt or leather purse / wallet into storeroom / locker provided by that temple.
Most of the temples prohibit photography inside the premise, please respect that rule



Before Making any Donation:


  • In order to ensure that the donation made by you goes to intended purpose, if you are planning to make donation in any temple, please donate your money into designated donation box only.
  • If you are making any donation to any religious, Social Service trust, please insist on getting a receipt for that.



Dressing Sense / Attire :


  • Mathura being a traditional city , If you are wearing a skinny, revealing outfit it will bring unnecessary stare to you. It might offend some local people. So it is advisable to wear modestly ( Especially female visitors ).
  • Before travelling to Mathura, always have a pre-idea of weather over there to dress accordingly. Temperature at summer and winter are extreme here.



For Food & Drink :


  • If you are going to try delicacies of Mathura, snacks are generally spicy in nature , so order a little first, if you like it then only order more.
  • Always eat at the place where you see many people ( crowd) ordering. It ensures the freshness and good quality of food item.
  • Always drink branded packaged water, do not drink tap water.



For Shopping :


  • Always insist on taking the receipt for any items you purchase from a shop / Mall.
  • If you are buying any item for roadside or stalls near temples or in market, do bargain a lot.



Transportation :


  • If you are taking a transportation like taxi, cab , auto rickshaw for an isolated / unfamiliar place. It is advisable to take the photo of driver/ license plate no. of that vehicle and send / sms that to your tour operator or loved one. so that in case of any unfortunate incident your whereabouts can be traced.
  • Keep the Google maps active on your mobile / Smartphone to know your exact location.
  • Always keep emergency numbers in your mobile to approach in case of any emergency.



Wish you a happy and safe journey to Mathura.