Garud Govind Temple in Vrindavan


As per the legends, Garud is the ride of Lord Vishnu ( an avatar of Incarnation of Lord Krishna ). To kill demon Narakasur, Lord krishna mounted Garud with satyabhama. Aksaya Tritiya is the only day of the year upon which one can see Govinda’s 12 armed form as He is mounted on Garuda.



Devotees all over the India visit Garuda Govinda Temple seeking remedy for Kalsarp yog According to priest of the Garuda Govinda temple, ” Due to the power of Garud ji against snakes even darshan of Garud Govind Ji removes effects of Kalsarp” and, “A simple remedy for kalsarp dosh is to have a pair of naag nagin (male and female snakes) in silver be offered to Lord Garud Govind Ji by the person with Kalsarp Dosh.”








In the month of Chaitra from the 2nd to 12th days of Krishna Chaitra (March-April) there is the huge Brahmotsava Festival of Sri Ranganatha. It is a ten-day festival in which the utsava murti (festival deity) is taken out on procession twice a day in the morning and evening. Over a hundred thousand people come to this festival. On the eighth day of Krishna Chaitra the processional Deity is pulled by devotees on a large 14m (45 ft) high cart from the Ranganath temple to Rangaji Garden, about 700m. The procession takes about 2½ hours. The cart festival is known as Ratha ka Mela. On the days when the main cart is not used, other vehicles are used to carry the Deities. There are fire-works on the tenth day of Krishna Chaitra. There is a variety of asanas (thrones) that are used to carry Lord Vishnu, which are placed on a smaller chariot. There is a Garuda, Hanuman, Surya (the Sun god), Chandra (the Moon god), a lion, an elephant and a horse.