Govinda Dev ji Temple in Vrindavan


Jugal Kisore Temple (Kesi ghata temple) is one of the oldest temples of Vrindavan, completed in 1627. After Akbar's visit to Vrindavan in the year 1570, he gave permission for four temples to be built by the Gaudiya Vaisnavas, which were Madana-mohana, Govindaji, Gopinatha and Jugal Kisore. It is sometimes called the Kesi ghata temple, as it is located next to this ghat. Kesi Ghat is a place where Lord Krishna had killed Kesi, the horse demon



During the rule of King Akbar in 1570 Gaudiya Vaishnava community from Vrindavan asked permission to establish some temples in Vrindavan. King Akbar permitted four temples in Vrindavan - Mandan Mohan Temple, Govind Dev Temple, Jugal Kishore Temple and Shri Gopinath Temple. But latter on King Aurangzeb attacked three out of these four temples and original deities were move to somewhere else. Only Jugal Kishore Temple remained in Vrindavan with its original temple and original deity.